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Exclusive Interview With Santanu Debnath Founder of BloggingJOY

Hey! Bloggers, welcome to our another BMIS (Blogging Metrics Interview Series). As always Thank you, Santanu sir for participating in your interview series.

Today’s in this article we are going to take an Exclusive Interview with Santanu Debnath, the founder of BloggingJOY. We are proud to featured Santanu sir, in our blog.

He is one of the most popular Blogger in our blogging community and also a YouTuber. He covers mostly related to blogging but also has articles about affiliate marketing, SEO and WordPress.

In this interview with Santanu Debnath, We are going to discuss few great things to build a successful blog and know the future of blogging after 5 years.

So, without wasting any more time I’m going to start asking some questions to Santanu Debnath. Are you ready? Let’s jump into the Santanu Debnath’s interview…

Interview With Santanu Debnath, The Legend Behind [BloggingJOY]

Read this exclusive interview with Santanu Debnath until the end to gather all the blogging tips and strategies from a pro blogger.

Interview With Santanu Debnath
Interview With Santanu Debnath

What You Will Get from this Interview?

  • Blogging & SEO industry in the next 5 years?
  • How many blogs’s he’s running.
  • How to motivate bloggers?
  • Amazing Tips for newbie bloggers
  • Things before doing keyword research
  • SEO tools that BloggingJoy use

Q1: Please introduce yourself to BloggingMetrics readers.

Thanks a lot, Sayan for inviting me to your blog. 

Hello friends, I am Santanu Debnath, a software consultant by profession, and a blogger by passion. I share my knowledge and experiences related to blogging, WordPress on my blog

Besides that, I have a few other blogs, but I would like to mention my new startup where I share useful articles related to web hosting.

Santanu Debnath Interview
Santanu Debnath

Q2: How do you attract new readers? Describe the methods you’ve used and their impact on site traffic?

Getting traffic is one of the most important factors in blogging. If your website doesn’t get traffic then there is no point in sharing articles.

Right now getting traffic from search engines has become a little difficult because of high competition, frequent changes in their algorithms, etc. That’s why I don’t depend on a single traffic source.

There is no alternative for organic traffic and we must work on our regular SEO techniques to get traffic from Google in the long run. But besides that also, I always work on getting traffic from various other sources, and here are a few of them.

  • I started a Facebook group that os 17,000+ members strong now 
  • I regularly write answers on Quora and get traffic to my blog
  • I have started a YouTube channel, from where also I get traffic
  • I have started creating an email list through my newly launched free blogging course

Q3: What kind of changes you are expecting in the blogging and SEO industry in the next 5 years?

This industry is changing every 6 months. And the main reason behind that is the way the search engines are changing their algorithm. Of course, it’s for showing the best results to the users.

However, if you continue to create value for the readers then irrespective of the changes there won’t be much impact on your site.

Increasing competition is a key concern as many people are coming into the blogging industry as it can help to create a passive income source. But again, only people who can continue long with a decent strategy can survive.

Q4: Suppose someone loses his patience after repeatedly failing in his blogging journey, how do you motivate him to start again?

That’s the biggest challenge in blogging. The only way to stop such a situation is by doing the proper niche research while starting a blog.

If you have an interest or gradually gain interest and start learning & sharing in that niche then only you will be able to continue blogging.

But if someone thinks blogging is just dumping articles, doing SEO and creating backlinks then in the coming days he/she has to quit.

We can’t continue doing something just for the sake of doing it. The only way to motivate is to look for your interest, connect with like-minded people, and create a blogging mindset. It’s a long journey driven by passion, you can’t simply do it as a job.

Q5: What are the things we need to keep in mind while doing keyword research and post writing?

If your blog follows a particular niche, then I don’t believe you have thought much. Just find out all the necessary topics or pain points in your niche. So that you can answer them better and help people.

List out all those topics and start writing good quality content. That doesn’t mean a long article, it should be worth reading.

Besides that, I always follow the typical keyword research method: analyzing what my competitors are writing, from where they are getting traffic, etc.

Q6: What was the most challenging thing in your niche?

I believe every niche is challenging these days. The main challenge is how can I write on a topic that has many articles published already.

Why will people read another article on my blog on that same topic? How can I present a similar topic in a different or interesting way? That’s where I always share my personal opinion, my version of that particular solution.

Q7: Are you setting any goals in your blogging journey?

Well, I believe in achieving short term goals. Means, on a weekly basis I set some targets and try to achieve them. In the long run, I just want to keep my passion for blogging intact and want to help people as much as I can through my blog and different channels.

Q8: What is your favorite SEO tool? and any specific reason for choosing this over the others?

I don’t have any such favorite SEO tools in mind. I occasionally use them like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Keyword everywhere, etc. I like Ahrefs as it’s quite easy to analyze a website and find out some amazing facts.

On the other hand, the keyword everywhere extension is another amazing tool. I have also used Ubersuggest for a few months, which was good. 

Q9: Tips you would like to share to be a Better Blogger?

Focus and solid planning are the only keys to get success in blogging. If you can come up with a unique idea then it may take less time. Also, you have to spend some time in this industry before you can feel the taste.

There is a lot of learning which you can learn only during the process. I believe you can’t learn that by following any course, or a mentor.

You have to learn those hacks by yourself through various experiences and failures. That’s the best way to become a better blogger with time.

Q10: How BloggingMetrics readers can stay in touch with you and any message for the blogging community here?

I am always available to help people related to blogging. As I have mentioned, one can easily join my Facebook Group and ask any blogging related questions.

Group Link:

Many of my friends are helping me to run that group and you will get a solution quickly. Besides that, one can connect with me via the contact page or Facebook as well. I may reply late due to my busy schedule, but I will respond for sure.

Q11: What is the message for Readers?

I just want to say thank you again to give me the opportunity to express myself in front of your readers. You have an amazing blog with lots of useful content. Just keep sharing knowledge and help people. The rest of the things will be taken care of with time.

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Interview Summary

Thank you, Santanu Debnath sir, for this great opportunity. I feel proud to feature you in my blog. Love to read your articles.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Exclusive Interview With Santanu Debnath, post. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends. If you have any query you can contact me or put comments on this post.

So please give your valuable thoughts in the comment section. In the future, I’ll try to take an interview with other famous bloggers.

Hi, I am Sayan Dey a part-time Blogger, Developer, Affiliate Marketer and founder of Bloggingmetrics. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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  1. Excellent answers, dear Santanu Bhai, I’m following you from the past few years. I love Bloggingjoy and your Youtube channel where you share tones of information for free. All I can say that you are a winsome person in the entire blogging industry. Lovely question Sayan Dey


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