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Interview With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj Founder of BloggingQnA

Hey! Bloggers, welcome to our BMIS (Blogging Metrics Interview Series). First of all Mangesh Bhai thank you very much for participating in our interview series.

Today in this post we are going to to take an Interview with Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj Founder of BloggingQnA. He is a flying star blogger in our blogging community.

Mangesh is an impressive blogger who has great knowledge of Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and YouTube. I love to read his blogs on

If you really want to learn Blogging and affiliate marketing from scratch you can read his blogs on and mainly follow his YouTube channel for amazing tips and strategies.

Without wasting any more time I’m going to start asking some questions to Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj.

So, Let’s begin…

Interview With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj, The Guy Behind {BloggingQnA}

Read this awesome interview with Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj until the end to gather all the blogging tips and strategies from a pro blogger.

Interview With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj
Interview With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

What You Will Get from this Interview?

  • Blogging & SEO industry in the next 5 years?
  • How many blogs’s he’s running.
  • How to motivate bloggers?
  • Amazing Tips for newbie bloggers
  • Best web hosting for blogging
  • SEO tools that BloggingQnA use

Q1: Please tell something about yourself and BloggingQnA

Hello Everyone, First of All, Thanks Sayan for Inviting me on your blog. This is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj a 22 years old Full-Time Blogger, YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer, and Founder of and Youtube Channel with more than 18K+ Subscribers.

Apart from this, I am also running some micro-niche blogs in different niches, also having Facebook Community – “BloggingQNA” and a Telegram group with more than 4K+ members.

Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Q2: How do you attract new readers? Describe the methods you’ve used and their impact on site traffic?

There are many ways to attract new readers for your blog. I have personally created a full ecosystem around my blog. This helped me a lot to give an initial push to my new blog post.

As I told you earlier, I have a Facebook group, Telegram Group, YouTube Channel. So, I promoted my new blog post with these mediums.

My main platform to attract more readers is YouTube Channel. From my YouTube channel readers come on my blog, and then I diversify theme to my ecosystem.

I request them to join my other groups like Quora, Facebook Group, Telegram group. This will convert my blog readers in the audience, and they will visit again and again on my blog.

But For beginners, you can use the Gold mine of traffic that is Quora. Quora is my favorite all in one platform to drive traffic, to generate sales, for branding.

With Quora You can perform this amazing task: –

  • Traffic on New Website
  • Blog Topics Ideas for New Blog Post
  • Branding of your blog
  • Sales for your products and affiliate marketing, and many more.

So, you can use these platforms as a beginner: –

  • Quora For Initial traffic
  • Facebook Groups where promotional threads are running on a weekly basis.
  • Twitter
  • Don’t forget to leverage Pinterest
bloggingqna analytics stats
BloggingQna Analytics Stats

Q3: When did you start your first blog? How many blogs and websites do you currently operate?

I started my blogging journey in October 2016 when I was in my second year of Graduation. I struggled almost 1.8 years and after that, I made my first dollar from Google AdSense.

Currently, I have 6+ blogs including and Some of them are micro-niche and some of them are monetized with affiliate marketing.

Q4: What kind of changes you are expecting in the blogging and SEO industry in the next 5 years?

Voice SEO is the future of SEO. People are too lazy these days and preferring voice searches instead of text-based searches. Video consumption and podcasts in increasing day by day. So, all I can say is, in the next 5 years voice SEO will be the future.

Q5: Suppose someone loses his patience after repeatedly failing in his blogging journey, how do you motivate him to start again?

Think about the reason why you started. This is all I can say. Because motivation is the thing that comes from inside. If you are not motivated from inside, then no motivational videos or stories can motivate you for a long time.

If you have started for the sake of money then success for you will be quite difficult, and if you started because of your passion and interest then no failure can stop you.

This is what I learned from many stories. And more temporary motivation you can watch some motivational videos, stories, read books and many other things.

Q6: Do you have some favorite blogs that you use to browse regularly? If yes, please share any three.

There are many blogs that I visit frequently, but if I tell you the top 3, those are: –

  1. Backlinko for SEO
  2. BloggingJoy for detailed info with real experience and for case studies
  3. BloggerPassion and BloggingCage for Affiliate Marketing

I use SEMrush and Ahref both for keyword Research. For keyword research and backlink analysis I mostly use Ahref and for competitor and content marketing I use Semrush.

Q8: Are you setting any goals in your blogging journey?

Yes, I set some goals. But I don’t go for some long-term goals. I setup small goals. And by achieving them, at last, my long-term goal will be automatically achieved.

This is how I set up goals and achieve them.

Q9: Tips you would like to share to be a Better Blogger?

The only tips I can share to be a better blogger are: –

  1. Provide the best value content as much as you can.
  2. Consistency and patience are the key of success.

These are the 2 tips that I am telling from my experience. There is no secret or success mantra for success. Not only me, just see any successful bloggers they will tell you the same because this is the truth.

Consistency and patience are the key for success.

Q10: Which are your favorite web hosts and any specific reason for choosing them over the others?

I personally love Siteground Hosting. I purchased it for straight 3 years
during SiteGround black Friday deal 2019.

You can check out my Honest Review of SiteGround after 6 months of use here.

Apart from SiteGround below are some hosting that you can try: –

  1. A2 Hosting for hosting multiple sites with good traffic.
  2. Bluehost for those who don’t want to invest more.
  3. Namecheap for beginners at cheap price

A2 Hosting Review: Is It Really a Fast Web Hosting Company? Learn about the features, plan, pricing & real customers feedback in our A2 Hosting review in 2020.

Q11: How BloggingMetrics readers can stay in touch with you and any message for the blogging community here?

You can connect with me on the following social media platforms: –

Q12: What is the message for Readers?

Take blogging as a business, not as a hobby. These days blogging is a real business. And like every other business it needs time, patience, and investment.

If you can not give these 3 things then blogging is not for you. So make sure to take it as a real business then you will get success in blogging soon.

Interview Summary

Thank you, Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj, for this great opportunity. This was my first interview So I don’t have any idea that how was it.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends. If you have any query you can contact me or put comments on this post.

So please give your valuable thoughts in the comment section. In the future, I’ll try to take an interview with other famous bloggers.

Hi, I am Sayan Dey a part-time Blogger, Developer, Affiliate Marketer and founder of Bloggingmetrics. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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