Setup Redis Object Cache to Optimize WordPress Database Query

Redis is an open-source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a distributed, in-memory key–value database, cache and message broker,. It can be combined with other databases like MySQL to provide a mechanism to cache your queries. Most WordPress users use front-end static file caching to speed up their website. Similarly, we need to cache the backend … Read more

Easy Way to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 20.04

Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser. Its market share has shown incredible growth because the browser offers great performance and stability and is updated often. Plus it is used on both desktop and mobile devices. So, in this article we explain how to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 20.04 system. Install Google … Read more

5 Best Ways To Grow Your Business Through Blogging

Blogging has become one of the popular digital marketing strategies for brands. Whether you’re running a startup, small business, or corporation, you can grow your business through blogging. Of course, blogging should be paired with other online advertising channels for higher effectiveness. And if you’re doing the blogging yourself, you must know by now that … Read more

What is Ezoic? What are the Benefits of Using Ezoic?

Hi Guys! Do you know what is Ezoic? and what are the benefits of this Ezoic? I promise it will help you to earn more from your blog. If you are using AdSense,, or another similar ad network, you are going to love learning about Ezoic. Nowadays, this Ezoic is becoming viral on the internet, especially among bloggers. So … Read more

Microsoft Clarity Analytics Product, The Google Analytics Killer

Microsoft launched a new digital marketing tool called Microsoft Clarity – a new web analytics product for webmasters. Microsoft Clarity, a free product to help site owners better understand visitor behavior so that they can improve their user experiences What is Microsoft Clarity? Microsoft Clarity is a behavioral analytics library written in javascript. It helps … Read more

Interview With Ravi Dixit : Backbone of StayMeOnline

Howdy! Bloggers, welcome to our 3rd series of BMIS (Blogging Metrics Interview Series). First of all thank your Ravi for participating in your interview series. Today in this post we are going to to take an Interview with Ravi Dixit Founder/Backbone of StayMeOnline. He is a champ blogger in our blogging community. You know he is my … Read more

Exclusive Interview With Santanu Debnath Founder of BloggingJOY

Hey! Bloggers, welcome to our another BMIS (Blogging Metrics Interview Series). As always Thank you, Santanu sir for participating in your interview series. Today’s in this article we are going to take an Exclusive Interview with Santanu Debnath, the founder of BloggingJOY. We are proud to featured Santanu sir, in our blog. He is one of … Read more

115+ Powerful High DA Web 2.0 Sites List in 2021 {Updated}

Are you looking for high DR top Web 2.0 Sites List to make backlinks and higher ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)? Then this blog post will help you to know A to Z about the Web 2.0 and their benefits, at the end of this post you will get a List of Top … Read more

Interview With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj Founder of BloggingQnA

Hey! Bloggers, welcome to our BMIS (Blogging Metrics Interview Series). First of all Mangesh Bhai thank you very much for participating in our interview series. Today in this post we are going to to take an Interview with Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj Founder of BloggingQnA. He is a flying star blogger in our blogging community. Mangesh … Read more

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