Microsoft Clarity Analytics Product, The Google Analytics Killer

Microsoft launched a new digital marketing tool called Microsoft Clarity – a new web analytics product for webmasters.

Microsoft Clarity, a free product to help site owners better understand visitor behavior so that they can improve their user experiences

What is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is a behavioral analytics library written in javascript. It helps you understand how users view and use your website across all modern devices and browsers.

Understanding how users navigate, interact, and browse your website can provide new insights about your users. Empathizing with your users and seeing where features fail or succeed can help improve your product, grow revenue, and improve user retention.

Microsoft Clarity provides you all these insights by:

  • Observing content layout, viewport, and user’s interactions with the page
  • Inspecting network requests on the page
  • Logging the event stream in JSON format to a configurable endpoint
Microsoft Clarity, Podcast: SEJ & Marketing O’Clock

Clarity is a project in active development (beta). While it’s not yet ready for production use, we continue making improvements and encourage the community to join us in the process.

Microsoft Clarity Dashboard

The Microsoft Clarity dashboard provides an overview of how many users were clicking on non-existent links, the number of users that scrolled up and down on a page in search of something they couldn’t easily locate, how much time the average user spends navigating your website, and many more.

microsoft clarity dashboard
Microsoft Clarity Dashboard

See Users Clicks by Heatmaps

Heatmaps provide a visual way to examine large numbers of user interactions and they come in two forms: Clickmaps and Scrollmaps. Both of these views pack a whole lot of data into an actionable and easy-to-understand report.

clarity heatmaps
Clickmap Within Microsoft Clarity

The Filtering Mechanism

You can use slice recordings that allow you to get exact data from your recording. We’ve also used machine learning to discover novel patterns in session recordings like “rage clicks,” “dead clicks,” and “excessive scrolling,” and you can use these classifications to filter your sessions as well.

Clarity filters

“Rage clicks” are a behavioral pattern where a user clicks several times on a portion of your page that they think should hyperlink somewhere, but which doesn’t. These repeated clicks can be a good indicator of non-intuitive portions of your page or help you identify UI components that aren’t working how they should.


Please visit to try it out for yourself. Sign up is really easy – just create a project, add the Clarity javascript to your site, and you’re ready to go.

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