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Top 10 Indian Bloggers List of 2021 + Their Monthly Traffic

Nowadays, blogging is the most profitable way to make money online. So when comes to blogging, who are the top bloggers in India? This question will probably be remembered by everyone interested in blogging. Today here I’m going to tell you about the top 10 Indian bloggers that you must have to follow in 2021.

If you want to pro in your blogging career, you need to follow the blogs of all the major bloggers related to your topic or niche and read each of their articles very carefully.

If you read those blogs and articles regularly, you will know what is happening in your blogging community and what will be beneficial to your blogging career.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers

My subscribers asked me which is the best blog in India from your point of view? So one thing be in your mind there are billions of popular bloggers in India so, finding the top 10 bloggers in India is not an easy task.

If you want to be a professional blogger and also need a high level of motivation, then you must have to Know about these Top Indian Bloggers and their blogging journey.

So, take a breath and let’s start introducing them.

List of Top Bloggers in India

BloggersWebsiteMonthly Visits
Abhijit Mukherjeeguidingtech.com4.40M
Harsh Agrawalshoutmeloud.com1.01M
Jitendra Vaswanibloggersideas.com102.50K
Nandini Shenoy pinkvilla.com9.90M
Faisal I. Farooquimouthshut.com2.60M
Varun Krishnanfonearena.com1.00M
Anil Agarwalbloggerspassion.com99.50K
Ankit Singlamasterblogging.com45.80K
Shradha Sharmayourstory.com3.40M
Arun Prabhudesai 595.90K

Top 10 Indian Bloggers List In 2021

In this category, I have provided information to you guys about the top bloggers in India. I’m sure that you visited at least one of those top blogger’s sites before.

They are very well-known bloggers and known to everyone by one call. Also, get millions of traffic in their blogs. That’s why I share this post with you to inspire your blogging journey.

There most income source is monetized by Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

1. Abhijit Mukherjee – GuidingTech

Abhijit Mukherjee is currently running GuidingTech and has a website with and consists of three channels on YouTube.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Image Source: Facebook

He started his blogging carrier with a personal blog in early 2008. Right now, Guiding Tech is the only website that he operates.

He creates content in personal technology, explains the technology, helps gadgets and technology people make purchasing decisions, and of course, GuidingTech also solves technical issues. Basically, it is an evergreen tech content site.

  • Founder: Abhijit Mukherjee
  • Started In Year: 2010
  • Topics Covered: Android, Internet, Gaming, Mac Etc.
  • Income Source: Google Display Ads, Paid Referrals, Affiliate Etc.
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank:18,303
  • Traffic Rank In US: 10,309
  • Domain Authority: 75/100
  • Page Authority: 49/100

2. Harsh Agarwal – ShoutMeLoud

Harsh Agrawal, a professional Blogger and Affiliate Marketer based in New Delhi- India, and has been blogging since the last quarter of 2008.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers
Image Source: Facebook Business

He is an engineer according to his education but a blogger by his profession. Currently, he runs the two most popular blogs is ShoutMeLoud based on English content, and ShoutMeHindi based on Hindi content.

He started blogging as a hobby, and soon it turned into a passion and later a profession. He writes blogs about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Affiliate marketing, SEM (Social Media Marketing), and web hosting. 

  • Founder: Harsh Agrawal
  • Started In Year: 2008
  • Topics Covered: Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO, Make Money Blogging, WordPress Hosting Tips Etc.
  • Income Source: Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads, Blogging & SEO Consulting, Courses
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 13,794
  • Traffic Rank In INDIA: 1,436
  • Domain Authority: 68/100
  • Page Authority: 54/100

3. Jitendra Vaswani – BloggersIdeas

Jitendra is a passionate blogger, affiliate marketer, and public speaker founder of the internet marketing blog BloggersIdeas. Blogger’s Ideas Blog is his main blog where he talks about affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, etc. He runs several other blogs like DigiGeX, Technoven.

Jitendra Vaswani
Image Source: Facebook

He has worked with top brands such as FirstCry, Zooper, Royalty, and many others to increase traffic, sales, and conversions. He travels around the world making money from his laptop.

He launched his own WordPress plugin which would be helpful for bloggers. It will be a paid plugin and I will also be having an affiliate program for bloggers.

  • Founder: Jitendra Vaswani
  • Started In Year: 2012
  • Topics Covered: Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO, WordPress Hosting Tips Etc.
  • Income Source: Affiliate, Adsense, Blogging & SEO Consulting Etc.
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 113,691
  • Traffic Rank In INDIA: 8,399
  • Domain Authority: 47/100
  • Page Authority: 43/100

4. Nandini Shenoy – PinkVilla

Nandini was raised in a Mangalore based family. Talented engineers. After completing her schooling she went on to pursue engineering from the National Institute of Technology.

Nandini Shenoy
Image Source: Google

Nandini Shenoy is the CEO and founder of Pink Villa. His interest in Bollywood made her start a blog in 2004. Also, she is a software engineer at Microsoft.

Nandini Shenoy is a great inspiration for those women who want to do something in their life. That’s why I’ve include Nandini Shenoy on my list of top 10 Indian bloggers.

The main source of income is Google Adsense, Refferelas sponsorships, etc. Her monthly earning approx $15,000.

  • Founder: Nandini Shenoy
  • Started In Year: 2007
  • Topics Covered: Bollywood Gossips, Fashion, Entertainment Etc.
  • Income Source: Google Display Ads, Paid Referrals Etc.
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 18,278
  • Traffic Rank In INDIA: 1,712
  • Domain Authority: 84/100
  • Page Authority: 50/100

5. Faisal Farooqui – MouthShut

Faisal I. Farooqui is a technology entrepreneur. Farooqui is best known as the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MouthShut Farooqui is an advocate of freedom of expression on the Internet- he challenged India’s restrictive IT Rules in the Supreme Court which resulted in the Honorable Supreme Court striking down of Section 66A and reading down of many other sections of the Information Technology Act of India v. Union of India.

Faisal Farooqui
Image Source:

In 2012, Entrepreneur Magazine named Farooqui among the Top Business People in India and was included in a list of Entrepreneurs who have created History. Farooqui has also been named as a Youth Icon on India’s national TV news channel (Doordarshan) Faisal has been awarded as a Digital Icon in the Impact Digital Power 100 List of India’s Digital Ecosystem.

Source: Wikipedia

  • Founder: Faisal Farooqui
  • Started In Year: 2000
  • Topics Covered: Mainly focus on review
  • Income Source: Google Display Ads, Paid Referrals, Affiliate Etc.
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 6,989
  • Traffic Rank In INDIA: 1,724
  • Domain Authority: 58/100
  • Page Authority: 58/100

6. Varun Krishnan – FoneArena

Varun Krishnan is a fun guy who is a techie at heart. He loves to write and tweet. His hobbies include listening to music, traveling, and driving. Also playing computer games!

Varun Krishnan
Image Source: Facebook

FoneArena is one of the popular sources for mobile consumers and technology enthusiasts from across the globe. The publication strives to deliver all the latest news and updates from the world of mobile phones.

Varun Krishnan who shares knowledge with his subscribers and visitors about technology mainly focuses on mobile.

  • Founder: Varun Krishnan
  • Started In Year: 2005
  • Topics Covered: Mainly focus on mobile review
  • Income Source: Google Display Ads, Paid Referrals, Affiliate Etc.
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 20,446
  • Traffic Rank In INDIA: 4,349
  • Domain Authority: 82/100
  • Page Authority: 57/100

7. Anil Agarwal – Bloggers Passion

Anil Agarwal completed his MCA in 2004 and immediately started searching for jobs. First, he started a few blogs on the Google Blogspot blogging platform along the way and managed to make a decent income from AdSense.

Anil Agarwal
Image Source: Google

In 2008, he started a website called Scope for Money to earn some decent income every month approx 40k. Later he sold that to buying a home.

In 2010 he started Bloggers Passion. Bloggers Passion shares knowledge about blogging and SEO needs. If you’re thinking to start a blog from scratch and drive more traffic organically this is a good place for you.

  • Founder: Anil Agarwal
  • Started In Year: 2010
  • Topics Covered: Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO, Make Money Blogging, WordPress Hosting Tips Etc.
  • Income Source: Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads, Blogging & SEO Consulting Etc.
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 122,575
  • Traffic Rank In INDIA: 9,632
  • Domain Authority: 48/100
  • Page Authority: 50/100

8. Ankit Singla – Master Blogging

If you are looking for incredible ways to build a great blog that makes money and suggestion of micro-niches you need to learn from the experts in those cases Ankit Singla the guy behind MasterBlogging in my favorite.

Ankit SIngla
Image Source:

He has great knowledge about SEO, Link Building, writing blog content that he shares on his blog. Also, you can join his Facebook group.

He started Master Blogging in 2018 and now his blog is selected for the top 10 Indian Bloggers list. You can follow his Content Rulebook to create dazzling blog content.

  • Founder: Ankit Singla
  • Started In Year: 2018
  • Topics Covered: Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO, Make Money Blogging, WordPress Hosting Tips Etc.
  • Income Source: Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads, Blogging, YouTube
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 108,079
  • Traffic Rank In INDIA: 10,305
  • Domain Authority: 46/100
  • Page Authority: 40/100

9. Shradha Sharma – YourStory

Shradha Sharma is a journalist and blogger. Also, founder of She started his blogging carrier in 2008. She takes interviews on her blog and many types of stories. Maybe you see her on TV and the news.

Shradha Sharma
Image Source: Google

YourStory is a leading media website that is sharing Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Founder’s stories.

Her monthly traffic as per SimilarWeb 3.40M and monthly profit approx $30,000. I’m also inspired by her that’s why I include Shradha Sharma in my top 10 Indian bloggers list. Also, she is my favorite lady blogger.

  • Founder: Shradha Sharma
  • Started In Year: 2008
  • Topics Covered: Social Story, Journal Etc.
  • Income Source: Google Display Network, Outbrain Etc.
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 7,689
  • Traffic Rank In INDIA: 612
  • Domain Authority: 82/100
  • Page Authority: 60/100

10. Arun Prabhudesai –

Arun Prabhudesai is the founder of, an Indian blog that shares knowledge about Technology, Telecom, Internet, and Mobile. Arun started “” in 2007 and since then it is growing every day and now it is the most popular leading Indian telecom blog.

Arun Prabhudesai
Image Source: Twitter started as a business blog that presents the latest buzz in India that was purely analytical in nature. However, over a period of time, it has evolved to become much broader than that.

So, if you are a tech blogger or like that Arun Prabhudesai can be your inspiration. For this, I’ve listed Arun Prabhudesai in my top bloggers in India.

  • Founder: Arun Prabhudesai
  • Started In Year: 2007
  • Topics Covered:  Business, Technology, Telecom, Internet, and Mobile.
  • Income Source: Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads, Blogging, Paid referrals
  • Website:
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 40,300
  • Traffic Rank In INDIA: 6,413
  • Domain Authority: 64/100
  • Page Authority: 54/100


In this article, I have Listed of top 10 Indian bloggers with their earnings and monthly traffic that you must have to follow in 2021 to become a professional blogger.

If you have any Indian blogger to add to this list feel free to drop us a comment or email me and we will add him/her to our list.

The main reason for this post is to inspire you in your blogging career. Just go ahead and follow these professional bloggers. Learn his/her strategies implement in your blog and hyperloop your online career

Keep support Blogging Metrics See you in the next article, Until the next article, be happy and safe.


Hi, I am Sayan Dey a part-time Blogger, Developer, Affiliate Marketer and founder of Bloggingmetrics. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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