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Top Trending WordPress Announcement Plugins in 2022

Announcements and notifications are common when you get into any business website. It is the best way to spread important information to the visitors. Now, announcements have not been just on the billboards or loudspeakers. Trending society has made everything virtual. Of course, every website now needs an attractive and attention-grabbing announcement plugin to grow its business. 

This is why we have framed the list of the best announcement plugins for your WordPress website. Using the announcement plugin listed here, you can add visual effects, countdown timers and make your announcement more noticeable than ever before.

Why is the announcement plugin important for your business?

Many popular websites have been displaying their announcements through a floating bar plugin on the top or bottom of their website. And, we all know that the floating bar and sidebars are really effective in promoting your business.

Announcements through the floating bar or exit-intent popup help you to get increased visibility. It gains immediate attention from the customer. You can use the floating bar or popups for various reasons. Say, if you have a referral program, you can promote your referral program by displaying offers in front of your customers who are about to leave your site without completing the purchase or without any action. At times, you can also boost your blog post using the announcement plugins.

Adding a sticky floating bar to your website is not that hard. It just takes a few minutes. To be unique, you can add countdown timers, spin the wheel popup, and other popup tactics to grab the attention of the visitor.

top 5 announcement plugins
Top 5 WordPress Announcement Plugin

Getting to the concept of an announcement plugin, the enlisted plugins will help you bring a drastic change in your conversion rate. Announcement plugin when used right brings immense benefits to the business. Let us get started with the list of plugins that are awaiting to grow your business and increase your sales to the peak.

1. Bulletin

Bulletin, the high-quality premium announcement plugin, has different features that include thin colored strips with notifications and offers. It also can be displayed at the top of the page. You can get a lot more to conditionally model your announcement. It helps you to sort viewers for your announcement.  Every business may hold different conditions and this influences the decision of the visitors. Hence, the plugin works well in that case.


  • Offers multiple skin color for announcement types
  • Button and CTAs are available to create their own announcements
  • Help you add multiple notifications at the same time
  • Conditions of the announcement can be added in a single announcement
  • Flexible customization on the animation effects, fonts, and background colors


Bulletin plugin starts from $19/year

2. Announcement Ticker Highlighter Scroller

Announcement Ticker Highlighter Scroller plugin, a perfect WordPress announcement plugin, helps you to showcase the announcement with a highlighting feature. You can highlight things in your announcement using the plugin. It will help you to grab the attention of the customers easier as the highlighting feature makes them look for it though the position of the bar is not handy to the customer. Using the plugin, you can also generate an announcement scroller in the sidebar very easily.


  • Easy and attractive style override
  • Flexible customization options to add/delete/edit the announcement anytime
  • Drag and drop widget
  • Direct addition of the theme to your WordPress site
  • Admin panel helps you to set the timing for the notification bar


Free and no extra charges

3. News Announcement Scroll – WordPress Plugin

News Announcement Scroll, one of the most popular WordPress plugins, has been recording the active installation for years. The plugin helps you to update and engage with your customers directly with your latest news and updates. You can also use this plugin to market your website to your audience who have been waiting or on the contrary forgot about your business.

The wonderful drag and drop editor here helps you to display the content and the announcements with color templates. It easily grabs the attention of the readers when they are not in the mood to do so.

  • Easy shortcode usage to showcase your announcements on posts and pages
  • Easy filtration of the announcement categories
  • Unlimited notifications with a vertical scroll option that displays the notifications one by one
  • Set the expiration date for the announcements to be displayed


The plugin is open source and can be used by everyone.

4. Optinly – Exit-Intent Popup Notification Plugin

Optinly, the best exit-intent popup plugin, helps you to attract visitors when they are about to bounce back from your website. You can customize the popups with the attractive and amazing templates available. Downloading and installing Optinly is not so tough. When there are multiple templates available for you, you can easily make your decision without any downfall. Added, the exit-intent popups in Optinly comes in different types namely,

  • Gamification popups
  • Notification Popups
  • Coupon Code Popups
  • Countdown Timer Popups etc

When the options are huge, it helps you to try different popups that work out well for your website.


  • 75+ Excellent attention-grabbing templates
  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Drag and drop editor for increased flexibility
  • Customization in seconds
  • Unlimited cart recovery popups
  • Email personalization with short-codes
  • Create a FOMO with the help of a countdown timer popup


After your 14 days free trial, you can avail Optinly starting from $9/month

5. Horizontal Scrolling Announcement Plugin

Horizontal Scrolling Announcement plugin, the popular WordPress announcement plugin, has been the favorite for many businesses. The plugin helps in providing a professional look to the site and comes up with tons of amazing features. You can also create offers and announcements using the plugin in an easy way. It also helps you to generate the layout of the website using the shortcodes available.

It also helps in creating offers and announcements in the horizontal layout of the website. The notifications directly reflect the theme of the website using PHP codes. And, you can also use the drag and drop widgets to the sidebars of the website.


  • Easy configuration and announcement timing from the settings panel
  • Flexible set up of the scroll direction and scroll delay of the offers and notifications
  • Easy setup of the start and expiry date of the announcements
  • Helps in providing easy styling to the announcements


Free Plugin


Every site needs a WordPress Announcement plugin in order to cope up with the current world’s competition. Sending announcements to the users has been the greatest trick to improve your business and the conversion rate accordingly. Pick up the right WordPress announcement plugin that helps you to reach heights sooner. Cheers!!


Monisha Thangavel is an ardent writer and a blogger carrying years of experience in different realms including eCommerce, Tech, and SEO. She spends her free time learning calligraphic writing.

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